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Community is a group of individuals who have learned how to communicate honestly with each other, whose relationships go deeper than their masks of composure, and who have developed some significant commitment to ‘rejoice together, mourn together, and to delight in each other, and make other’s conditions their own’.

I absolutely love this quote by Scott Peck on community. What a great way to look at residence!

Community is a group of i…


The Five Best Ice Breaker Games


Orientations are designed to help students build relationships with others. For many students coming onto campus, a major concern is, “Who is going to be my friend? How will I get to know them?”

Ice Breakers is one of the best ways to ease that process. There are those who find the  juvenile, but I for one believe that no matter what your age, an appropriate ice breaker can be the key to a successful event.

I have listed my five favourite ice breaker games that you can use at your next school or work function. 🙂 I believe the best ice breakers are easy to understand and have minimal set up or clean up. Hope you enjoy!

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