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Christmas Spirit


The Christmas party for residence students was coming up, and I figured I would have to bring my A game.

So Sunday night I thought, “Enough of the laziness! Why do I always buy store bought goods for student events! Baking! I must do some baking!” So I headed to the heartland of baking inspiration: Pinterest. (Where I learn all mediocre bakers either thrive or suffer .. you’ll see where I end up.) So I found a recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough truffles, a lovely recipe that is following the trend of putting chocolate covered ooey gooey deliciousness at the end of a stick. The recipe proclaimed, “It’s so easy! Best snack ever! Takes less time than tying your shoes!”

So here I go through the process:

Step 1: Make batter and roll into nice little balls.

Step 2: Realize I forgot to add salt, which would explain the explosion of sickly sweetness that happens in my mouth when I sneak a bit of the dough

Step 3: Coax the batter back into the mixer, add salt, repeat step one. Next, I stab each cookie dough ball with wooden skewer (great tension reliever!)

Step 4: Place the bakers chocolate in the microwave on high for two minutes as packaging suggests. Leave kitchen.

Step 5: Return to kitchen 2 minutes later to see a microwave emitting plumes of rancid smoke.

Step 6: Yell at unsuspecting fiance for help as I desperately try to open doors and windows, as not to suffocate, and die.

Step 7: Cry a little.

Step 8: Melt new chocolate with paranoid supervsion.

Step 9: Dip each freaking cookie dough ball in chocolate. Then try to clean up all the chocolate I spilled off the counters, floors, walls, face, hands, and neck.

Step 10: Marvel at the beautiful masterpiece I created.


In the end the Christmas All-Rez was a huge success. We had a fantastic costume contest full of lumberjacks, video game characters, Mrs. Claus, and even an adult sized baby Jesus. We had a festive photo booth, hot chocolate bar, and snacks everywhere. Best part of the night? A compliment on my stress inducing, yet somehow stress relieving chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. 😀 Hooray!

What I thought I would have to do is plan the best event to make the students happy, in the end I realized that the students are hilarious, spontaneous, and fun loving all on their own. I can leave my stress at the door and just enjoy their company and laugh with them. And that’s what I did. What a great night it was!

To close, check out the amazing photo I ended up getting with some of my favourite people ever, my RA crew!

Ebc Christmas all-rez 032