The New Boss


Awaiting the incoming of a new boss can be a time of excitement, anxiety, and fitful preparation.

It’s like desperately trying to clean up your home, and when the guest arrives, asking them to take it over.

(And if Pinterest has taught me anything – its that I am not half the hostess I  thought I was.)

Right now the new boss I’m anticiapting will be the Dean of Student Services at my college.  As I prepare my new ‘house guest’ I can’t shake the feeling of nervousness.  Having strong leadership, and a fresh pair of eyes to look at our work is extremely important, but also difficult to navigate.

Fears of mine:

  • What if they try to change or dismiss a project I have been passionately working on?
  • What if their view of student interaction looks different than mine?
  • What if they have strange maniacal laughter that haunts me in my dreams!?

No matter my fears, I am extremely excited to have a strong sense of vision in the office. I have decided to put my fears to rest, pray that if they do have maniacal laughter, that I”ll be able to cherish it, rather than have it haunt my nightmares.

Afterall, without proper leadership, it can be easy for a department to feel like this:

No, I don’t mean that its easy to feel like an adorable running puppy. I mean that without strong leadership – it is easy to lose focus of where you are headed and what goals you are reaching for.

The new boss, the anticipated house guest, will provide exactly that. Leadership, focus, goals.
And in the meantime I will work on making sure the transition for the new guy/gal will go as smoothly as possible.

Do you have any tips on how to get over the ‘new boss’ anxiety?


About campusperspective

I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was curious and passionate about a whole hosts of topics and interests. How would I combine everything I loved to do in one job? Then I stumbled into a career in higher education. Student Services pieced together my curiosity, creativity, passion for people, and thirst to learn. As I continue working in this exciting field I hope to share some questions, insights, and lessons learned. Enjoy! :)

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